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About Gimoji NFT Collection

About Gimoji NFT Collection

Gimoji NFT Collection powered by LuckLabs, and the LuckLabs NFT is new department of a successful market maker and financial company. The Gimoji NFT Collection is one of the middle prices NFT collections of LuckLabs NFT brand.

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Gimoji Story

Gimoji is a curious girl who like to travels to different places and experiences everything. She is very brave and completely fearless and sometimes does things that boys usually do. However, she has another wonderful ability, when she sleeps at night, she travels in time so sees and lives in everything that has been in this world from the beginning or in the future. Gimoji sometimes becomes a boy and try things that boys like to experience. Gimoji never has a steady character, she is sometimes jealous, compassionate, malefic, and kind.

This NFT Collection depicts Gimoji experiences in sleep and wakefulness, and shows wherever she goes and whatever she does, feels, clothes she wears, and so on. Yes, you will see one of the most amazing, curious and brave girls in the world in this NFT Collection, and you will see that her dreams and playfulness are unlimited. Gimoji will travel to different places from the Jurassic to the next millions of years, and will experience from being a queen to a poor child in different races.

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Gimoji Different Products

Welcome to the NFT Collection of the first famous character in Gimoji Cartoon, Game, and Metaverse. This is not just a typical NFT Collection, as we mentioned in our Roadmap, various products of this lovely character will be released in the world of Games, Animation, Metaverse, etc. and with the introduction of each of them, The Gimoji NFT Collection will have a smoother growth path.

This is a project with months of pre-production for which many steps have been taken and you will notice its growing fame and popularity in practice. As you can see, The Gimoji Project has a high potential to enter any kind of industry such as Games, Animation, Metaverse, etc. and we have prepared the necessary facilities before the release of The Gimoji NFT Collection and we are working on them.

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Gimoji NFT Collection Properties

This is a 1 of 1 NFT Collection with 10.000 pieces created from unique scenes that Gimoji experiences them. All NFTs in this collection have their own unique rarities that create completely manual and each non-fungible token number you see in this collection takes hours. We think for hours to design and write a unique scenario, then we design each of them uniquely and manually and we never use robots to build them.

All the details of the characters, backgrounds, etc. in each NFT are completely 3D and are uniquely designed. Our team advertise for each of these NFTs individually on a large scale after minting and considers the details of each one for specialized advertising.

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Gimoji NFT Collection Profit

If you want to earn high reward with the least amount of investment in the LuckLabs future, this collection is for you. For years, we have worked with different investors and according to the company background, we know well what do you want as our collectors and investor.

We have created the middle prices NFT collections for those collectors, investors or traders with limit capital, or those who want to invest with a small part of their capital in different brands, or somebody who are interested in invest in average price and promising non-fungible token collections.

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Gimoji NFT Collection Rarity

Based on the Roadmap that we have published on our official website and social media, a limited number of these arts will be for sale and list, some of those have private owners, a small portion of them will be donate to our large and lovely community who always support us on social media, and a large portion of them will be minted just to complete this collection and will not be for sale.

Our NFTs proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum ERC-721 Standard Blockchain, Polygon Blockchain, Solona, Tezos, etc. As you know on Polygon Blockchain, traders can easily get Gimojis by just paying the original price of each art and without paying extra money like gas fee, and we mint and list on this network to be able to reduce the costs of investors and attract more collectors to invest in the Gimoji NFT Collection.

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Gimoji NFT Collection Community

We always advertise all the items in our collections widely with all the advertising facilities of our parent company to increase the volume transactions of collection. We do not care an item is sold or not yet, and our focus is not on selling the units we own, but on growing the entire Gimoji NFT Collection. As we mentioned in the roadmap, we organized targets in pre-production to create a successful NFT collection that would be profitable for traders, holders, or any type of collectors and investors.

Undoubtedly, our group of middle prices NFT collections can be a great opportunity for those who are not risk-averse and want to have a low-risk investment with high growth potential. Our achievement from the group of the middle prices non-fungible token collections of The LuckLabs NFT brand will be the good reputation of the brand and the creation of a loyal community of the LuckLabs NFT brand and the achievement for you will be huge profits.

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Gimoji NFT Collection Transactions

For additional information, we formally invite you to visit our official website and follow us on social media because we will always present the report of all transactions of this collection to my regular audiences.

We will always tag our collectors under their purchased works and introduce their purchased NFT to hundreds of thousands of market participants who have followed us on social media. And also, we will do our best to grow their purchased NFT value with continuous posts and stories forever.

We hope to create a successful and profitable NFT Collection with your cooperation for the whole of Gimoji family.