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Gimoji NFT Collection

Gimoji NFT Collection

Gimoji nft collection powered by LuckLabs NFT that is story of a curious girl who like to travels to different places and experiences everything. Also, When she sleeps at night, she travels in time so sees and lives in everything that has been in this world from the beginning or in the future.

Gimoji will travel to different places from the Jurassic to the next millions of years, and will experience from being a queen to a poor child. This is an NFT Collection of 10.000 pieces depicts Gimoji experiences and shows wherever she goes and whatever she does, feels, clothes she wears, and so on.

As we mentioned in our Roadmap, various products of this lovely character will be released in the world of Games, Animation, Metaverse, etc. and we are working on, also, a limited number of these NFTs will be for sale. Our NFTs proof of ownership stored on The Ethereum and Polygon Blockchain. We invite you to follow us on social media because we always present reports of all transactions of this collection to market participants and do our best to grow collection.

About LuckLabs Direction

Gimoji NFT Collection powered by LuckLabs and The LuckLabs NFT is new department of a successful market maker and financial company.

Our NFTs proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum, Solana, Tezos, Polygon, etc. standard blockchains and you can find our NFT Collections in the all valid NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Looksrare, SuperRare, Foundation, Kalamint, Objkt, etc.

Gimoji NFT Collection Pre-Production

Before releasing all of our collections and Gimoji NFT Collection, we have enough pre production for months and examine many cases, finally a professional team leads the various sections. All of our NFTs Collections are designed individually and manually and we have considered some strategies for our designs that each one have unique rarities, and also we intend to release our NFTs in a smooth and normal process.

For years, we have worked with different investors and according to the company background we know well what do you want as our collectors and an investor. For additional information, we officially invite you to visit our official website and follow our social media.

About Gimoji NFT Collection

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About Gimoji NFT Collection Gimoji NFT Collection powered by LuckLabs, and the LuckLabs NFT is new department of a successful market maker and financial company. The Gimoji NFT Collection is one of the middle prices NFT collections of LuckLabs NFT brand. Gimoji Story Gimoji is a curious girl who like …

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About LuckLabs NFT Department

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About LuckLabs NFT Department Before set up the LuckLabs NFT Department, our company has launched its second specialized department in 2018 and entered to the financial markets that one of them was the cryptocurrency market. We heard about NFTs from different places, even in 2019, for the analysis of Ethereum, …

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